Pictorul Luc Tuymans  a fost acuzat de incalcare a copyrightului si plagiat dupa ce a pictat lucrarea “A Belgian Politician” , fiind reproducere dupa fotografia facuta de fotojurnalistul Katrijn Van Giel.

Sursa: http://hyperallergic.com/176138/luc-tuymans-convicted-of-plagiarism-for-painting-photo-of-politician/

The painter Luc Tuymans has been convicted of plagiarism over a portrait of the Belgian politician Jean-Marie Dedecker. A civil court in the artist’s hometown of Antwerp deemed the piece, “A Belgian Politician” (2011), to be a reproduction of a photo taken by photojournalist Katrijn Van Giel in 2010 and therefore in violation of her copyright, De Morgen reported. Tuymans will be fined €500,000 (~$577,000) if he creates any more “reproductions” of Van Giel’s work or shows the original painting, which now belongs to collector Eric Lefkofsky. The photographer, who works for the Flemish newspaper De Standaard, had been seeking €50,000 (~$57,700) in damages. reed more here



Comparison of Katrijn Van Giel’s photo (top) and Luc Tuymans’s painting (bottom) (byEvaWittocx/Twitter)