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It is as if I have been asleep, and when I wake up, I am surprised by the things that surround me.  In my case, it is the flora and fauna surrounding my studio that continue to surprise me.  For me, these discoveries are epiphanies. My desire is to create something that might bring its observer to the same place of discovery.  It’s one thing too for me to respond to a stimulant and then to make work.  It is another thing for that work to go the next step and bring a likewise response from the viewer.I started using my extruder to extrude tubes and then pull tapered, long spouts for my sculptural teapots.  My involvement in using an extruder has totally changed my thinking about it as a tool.  It widened my view of what I can do with clay.  Instead of the extruder being a static tool, just to make an object, I now see it as a workstation like a potter’s wheel.  It is a place to make and manipulate forms.  This is the thing I would like to communicate and share with others.  These techniques can open up new possibilities for any one working in clay. – Michael Sherrill