18-year-old Izumi Miyazaki arranges her daydreams into surreal photographs that are filled with deadpan humor. Each photo is manipulated so that the mundane becomes a little more magical. From levitating candy hearts to snow made of rice, Miyazaki ups the mystique with a wink of the eye.

By putting herself in the spotlight as the main subject, Miyazaki frees herself to being able to play with subtle changes in expression. Her photographs also call upon themes of identity and coming of age purely based on context. Because most of her artwork is staged in everday locations, they can almost be read as a visual diary of emotions.

Izumi-Miyazaki-2 tumblr_nal6s4qRid1ryvuqio1_1280 tumblr_n7bikcFdQI1ryvuqio1_1280 Izumi-Miyazaki-7 tumblr_n53oqtAQ4Y1ryvuqio1_1280 Izumi-Miyazaki-9 Izumi-Miyazaki-10 Izumi-Miyazaki-8 Izumi-Miyazaki-6 Izumi-Miyazaki-5 Izumi-Miyazaki-4 Izumi-Miyazaki-3The pure fun of Miyazaki’s photos is that they can be interpreted any number of ways: As a teenager’s creative way to express herself — or the product of a quirky overactive imagination. (via Juxtapoz)

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