Colombian photographer Adriana Duque uses digital photography to illuminate bizarre narratives taken from myth and the fantastical. Combining both the context of Western lifestyle with that of the rural Colombian world, Duque explores the uncharted territory of her mind through carefully crafted scenes and settings. This series, Anthology of an Obsession, features highly polished photographs, nearly monochromatic, of children interacting with a world before the one we know.

ELLA-565x576 SARA-565x599 LA-CARTA-DE-SOPHIA-1-565x599 LA-LECHERA-565x599 The-Writer-565x599 The-Pearl-Earing-565x599 Isabel-565x599 Milk-Girl-2-565x565As said within her artist statement:

“Duque treats her medium as a kind of mis en scene in which she projects her child-centered concerns, in an apparently static dramatization of actions in which a sense of astonishment and anxiety is present that also points out to a collision between the normal and paranormal. Some of her photographs build illusions of mythical proportions developed with an almost religious ritual sense; photography in this terrain is a kind of romantic gesture that directs the viewer towards a transcendental experience. In the fictional fairy tale references there lurks a disquieting subtext of sadistic overtones related to notions of childhood identity.” (Excerpt from Source)

Adriana Duque Creates Sinister Visuals Of Old World Children appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.