Photographer David Emmite snaps pictures of a different kind of still life. A plate of spaghetti and meatballs is supplemented with yarn and knitting needles; a thick steak is cut directly from the flesh of a table, finely marbled by wood grain.

f12471ff7a6b0877a8d79f594f76ba69 739_1radio 452_1pot_luck18 d57043b2a1ee61f019727f6bde7f1880 456_1pot_luck22 455_1pot_luck21 836e1a8cf615fd86283732965bdefe88 68e3bb9215ede516bb7d70353b4b0bbe 738_1headphones 716_1pencilEmmite’s whimsical take on classic everyday objects in his series “Pot Luck Dinner” seems to occur entirely within the confines of a dollhouse neighborhood. There’s a playful sense of imagination that permeates all his photographs, especially his TV dioramas. Tiny green army men burst out of a handheld television set, literally breaking the fourth wall. A retro TV houses a floating model of the starship Enterprise, recalling the nostalgic days when model-building was a widespread hobby.

The sense of nostalgia is not misplaced; according to Emmite’s artist’s biography, his interest in tinkering and bringing playtime to life started from an early age. Fortunately, he didn’t leave his imagination in the past, instead choosing to stage miniature scenes and bring them to life. (h/t Behance)

David Emmite’s Photographs Of Whimsical Still Life appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.