Photographer Ines Kozic captures modern fairy tales decorated with bone and hair. The mood is contemplative, with a subtler flavor of body horror as her fair-haired women spin their hair into thick braids and pose with ruby-red lips and a court of insects. There’s also a sense of playfulness: a woman painting with her hair in an Escheresque exercise of physics; a man’s beard woven into a basket.

3-ines-kozic-yatzer 11-ines-kozic-yatzer 15-ines-kozic-yatzer 5-ines-kozic-yatzer 1-ines-kozic-yatzer f25f6c_8c92cb305bb74c269f9aebef12a8ebb9.jpg_srz_p_407_610_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 17-ines-kozic-yatzer 16-ines-kozic-yatzer 14-ines-kozic-yatzer 13-ines-kozic-yatzer 8-ines-kozic-yatzer 9-ines-kozic-yatzer 10-ines-kozic-yatzer 12-ines-kozic-yatzer 6-ines-kozic-yatzer 4-ines-kozic-yatzer 2-ines-kozic-yatzerAccording to her artist’s statement, Kozic’s work is “a reflection on the body’s ornamentation, post-mortem photography and fairy tales’s world.” Her inspiration from photography of the recently deceased in repose is especially clear in the photos where her subjects wear garlands of delicate bone.

The ever-present sense of solitude in her photography make it seem as though everyone is frozen in time. The result is an unsettling mix of beauty and the kind of disquieting daydreams that one might find in a languishing surburbia. Her subjects perform everyday chores — sewing, weaving — but with surreal objects, bedecking themselves with beetles instead of jewels.

If, as Kozic says, she’s searching for “macabre poetry,” then she’s certainly found it. (via Yatzer)

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