Based in the Netherlands, artist Stefan Bleekrode creates astonishingly intricate drawings and paintings of landscapes, architecture, and urban environments.  For his Cityscapes series, the artist has rendered unbelievably detailed drawings depicting metropolises both existing and imagined.

Using ink, Bleekrode composes dense and realistic images of buildings, streets, lights, and bridges. With stark tonal contrasts, precise perspective, and a stunning amount of detail, the scenes portrayed in each drawing look almost photographic, as if each one were taken from a bird’s-eye view.

2d4762623720287d830107593b2389da 54810ec9fa188298a66411ec785af767 ab1e0233974e39c989bea002fc35559c 685073214eb3037927f0a518857ef80f df9dbbe3d9976d9be6dff8af5d392a7a b87f536c30e3e7f85287ca3ba3881b39 6db2e26c1d6088ff1445a59900536c17 5a2871b8427a0f4b98a1bf6aac58026a fd38b5ecc982ee55b91f62e0268efdbfWhile some of his pieces are set in very distinctive and familiar locations, like London Bridge & the Shard or Broadway and 5th, most possess ambiguous—albeit conceivable—titles, such as Italian City, City in Holland, or City at the Foot of the Mountains. This is because Bleekrode works entirely from memory, describing his completed works “as snapshots of things I’ve seen when traveling or just going through my everyday routine, small bits of beauty in familiar settings.”

Whether representing actual settings or conveying scenes rooted purely in fantasy, the cities depicted in Bleckrode’s elaborate drawings are surprisingly realistic and undeniably impressive

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