For the FIAC art fair back in October, Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto created Many Small Cubes, an installation of metal cubes and live plants that was placed in the Jardins des Tuileries in Paris. The installation’s anodized aluminum cubes are arranged in an abstract form that is reminiscent of a low resolution 3D graphic. The installation is equipped with a projector that displays images directly on to the cubes. Presented by Galerie Philippe Gravier, Many Small Cubes was in place through the end of November.

sou-fujimoto-many-small-cubes-fiac-paris-designboom-01-750x498 sou-fujimoto-adds-greenery-to-layered-cube-installation-paris-designboom-01 sou-fujimoto-many-small-cubes-fiac-paris-designboom-03-750x499 sou-fujimoto-adds-greenery-to-layered-cube-installation-paris-designboom-05-750x562 sou-fujimoto-adds-greenery-to-layered-cube-installation-paris-designboom-12-750x562via designboom