Italian illustrator Virginia Mori uses black ballpoint pen and pencil on paper to create strange, lady-centric compositions. The minimal drawings feature long-haired women in surreal situations. Heads are often seen severed or parts of the body are fused with furniture. Although they are weird, Mori’s work isn’t gruesome. Even when a umbrella handle is coming out of a character’s mouth, there’s no blood or guts. It’s simply a surreal scene.

virginia-mori-8 virginia-mori-7 virginia-mori-1 virginia-mori-2 virginia-mori-9 virginia-mori-6 virginia-mori-5 virginia-mori-3 virginia-mori-4Mori separates mind from body, in both literal and figurative ways. Heads are rolling, they exist on different levels, and are obstructed by hair. It represents the idea that we can “disconnect” our mental from our physical self, and that this separation can feel like two entities. But in Mori’s illustrations, what causes it? Mystics? Physical ailments? Lessons not learned? The sparse compositions allow for multiple interpretations.

Virginia Mori’s Dark, Surreal Illustrations Of Headless Women appeared first onBeautiful/Decay Artist & Design.