Street Artist BLU‘s latest mural is just as ambitious and wonderful as his previous projects. Known for his playful murals he paints onto brick walls, gravel paths, water tanks, forgotten corners, construction sites, and abandoned buildings, he turns overlooked spaces into canvases for jaw-dropping paintings and animations. This time BLU has turned his attention to an old military warehouse in Rome and covered it with a couple of dozen colorful, expressive characters. Stretching over 50 old offices, the scale of this mural is as impressive as it is ambitious.

blu-wraps-roman-military-warehouse-mural-50-faces-designboom-05 blu-wraps-roman-military-warehouse-mural-50-faces-designboom-06 blu-wraps-roman-military-warehouse-mural-50-faces-designboom-07 blu-wraps-roman-military-warehouse-mural-50-faces-designboom-17 blu-wraps-roman-military-warehouse-mural-50-faces-designboom-10 blu-wraps-roman-military-warehouse-mural-50-faces-designboom-12 blu-wraps-roman-military-warehouse-mural-50-faces-designboom-02 blu-wraps-roman-military-warehouse-mural-50-faces-designboom-13 blu-wraps-roman-military-warehouse-mural-50-faces-designboom-16BLU has a talent for creating eye catching, intriguing street art. He first started to paint in the back streets of his home town of Bologna, and from 2001 had developed a distinct style of using house paint and rollers to quickly sketch his ideas on public spaces. Normally painting human figures, or strange combinations of animals and people, BLU’s work is light-hearted and surreal. He had a period of many years traveling from festival to festival and learnt how to use his environment to his benefit. Basing his sketches on the curves of buildings and pre-existing shapes, he made use of the tools he had at hand.

True to the nature of street art, BLU isn’t precious about his creations, and actively erases his own work to create his intricate animations. They fold out on themselves, essentially erasing what came before. This talented Italian artist has a skill for entertaining pedestrians busy running their daily errands and loves to interrupt their routine with comical, sarcastic narratives and figures. With eye-catching murals scattered all around the world (from Mexico City to Los Angeles, Berlin to West Bank), you will no doubt stumble upon one of his pieces. Keep your eyes peeled for his next one! (Via DesignBoom)

BLU Transforms Old Warehouse Windows Into Eyes For Larger Than Life Characters appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.