The mind bending skin manipulations photographed by Dutch artist Juuke Schoorl warrant a double take: are these unnatural textures inherent characteristics of the individual’s body, digital interventions within a computerized space, or are they physical molds applied to the surface of the subject? With her graduation project ‘REK’ (meaning ‘stretch’ in dutch) schoorl translated her fascination with the human body and its malleability into a series of images, exploring the aesthetic possibilities of our outer layer.

juuke-schoorl-skin-REK-designboom-01 juuke-schoorl-skin-REK-designboom-04 juuke-schoorl-skin-REK-designboom-07 juuke-schoorl-skin-REK-designboom-06 juuke-schoorl-skin-REK-designboom-02 juuke-schoorl-skin-REK-designboom-03