Artist Kat O’Sullivan spent a large amount of time dazzling up her home in upstate New York to be the psychedelic retreat she had always dreamed of. This run-down 1840s residence that she recently purchased is no longer a run of the mill home! O’Sullivan, who specializes in adding a dash of color to nearly everything she encounters, lit her home up like a rainbow. Working with her partner Mason Brown, they added oddly shaped windows and a unique color scheme. The interior, which is not finished yet, will surely prove to be something entirely unique. The house looks like a candy colored structure out of a fairy tale. As O’Sullivan said on her website:

“This is our crazy home, Calico, the House That Sweaters Built! It’s been quite a renovation journey to get it to its psychedelic rainbow state. This is just the first coat. It will only get weirder.”

artist-turns-her-new-york-home-into-a-psychedelic-habitat-designboom-06-565x353 artist-turns-her-new-york-home-into-a-psychedelic-habitat-designboom-10-565x342 artist-turns-her-new-york-home-into-a-psychedelic-habitat-designboom-03-565x376 artist-turns-her-new-york-home-into-a-psychedelic-habitat-designboom-01-565x402 artist-turns-her-new-york-home-into-a-psychedelic-habitat-designboom-07-565x386 artist-turns-her-new-york-home-into-a-psychedelic-habitat-designboom-05-565x331That is bound to be an understatement. We can’t wait to see what you do with it! (Excerpt from Site)

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