Kazuhiko Okushita is better at Etch-a-Sketch than you: He creates whimsical animations and illustrations with just one single line. His art is refreshing in its simplicity, though there is also a quiet depth to his creations. His 2009 animation, “Red Thread” (link below), wordlessly captures the rhythms of life. The characters that emerge and vanish from the eponymous thread are amazingly expressive, like two-dimensional puppets come to life with emotions and mannerisms all their own. “Red Thread” also employs a classic symbol of Japanese and Chinese mythology: the red string of fate which is supposed to connect soulmates and should be impossible to be severed — though of course life doesn’t always work that way.

summerisovergoodbyefan 10710849_326077967564404_1881083016145671124_n apetjellyfishinyourtwittertimeline kazuhiko-okushita-1 644687_136176589887877_166782788_n 521388_131042583734611_650261154_n apetgoldfishinyourtwittertimeline kazuhiko-okushita-5 kazuhiko-okushita-4 kazuhiko-okushita-3 kazuhiko-okushita-2 179631_131677180337818_620873857_nOther examples of Okushita’s work, such as his GIF animations of a pet jellyfish and goldfish, are more straightforward and make excellent use of the medium. There’s something soothing about watching jellyfish disappear and re-appear. Its outline is graceful and mesmerizing. To put it simply, Okushita’s work shows that less is definitely sometimes more. (via Spoon & Tamago)

Kazuhiko Okushita’s Enchanting One-Line Animations appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.