Turkish photographer Yonca Karakas used to want to be a genetic engineer due to her attraction to the idea of cloning. Somewhere along the line she became a photographer instead, but this fascination with mass produced identities is all too present within her work. Her work, which is polished and waxen, features symbols and people styled, and nearly de-stylized, to look mute and plasticine.

8dee7c4308d032c1ea0261a432e506e2-565x846 a168e289dbb5446dbc4de69191a90165-565x768 31a9f841e294fc0415f570da5afc1420-565x786 59c156048904d413afd797dde1ac22bd-565x376 44f94af33bdf7c7dab8bcd45ba4aa563-565x423 c50d514c142410eaef18fa1534e90da5-565x390 584258d9ff3516ec6f9bff4452cec683-565x423 652b5e62a19f1bf5daa663dea1229aff-565x805 79c60026ea6f1ee558f9ba97f7fd633f-565x809 7f9ff69f6d1d1899d8aae168e7b30649-565x846 0d018e06d673ee7fdeabad0f0326a20b-565x372Karakas utilizes symmetry to her artistic advantage. She manipulates framing by organizing her props to dramatize the exploitation of whatever symbol: meat, or the cross, she is working with. Her characters are emotionless; colonized by the future, they are clean, well groomed, and the antithesis of squeamish. They wear meat, their religion is sugar coated. When thinking of her work, she recognizes that she is in the business of constructing dreams:

“I don’t like to define every frame I shoot or say ‘that is exactly what I tried to tell’. Once it’s all done that’s when I think why I shot it, I go back and say I might have been influenced by this or that movie. And by going back I can see my concerns and try to solve them. The Box is influenced by Ray Bradbruy’s novel Fahrenheit 451. It’s about a despotic future in an oppressive community where books are burnt by firefighters, televisions broadcasting brainwashing shows. I believe we are more or less facing the same situation now. We are burying ourselves in our tablets and phones, looking at ourselves and making others watch us too. It’s like we really like that, don’t we?”

(Excerpt from Source)

Yonca Karakas Constructs Meat-Filled Creepy Dreamscapes appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.