20 Year Old Gustavo Fuentes (aka Flëkz) is not your usual graffiti artist. This L.A. local creates large scale murals on the walls around the city without the aid of stencils, rulers or spray paint. His only material he uses to create his pieces is a roll of humble painter’s tape. Finding light colored, bare walls to work on, Fuentes uses the electric blue of his tape to create amazing designs that you can’t help but notice. The contrast makes his pieces hover and pop off the wall and definitely stand out against the background.

Gustavo-Fuentes-flekz04 Gustavo-Fuentes-flekz09 Gustavo-Fuentes-flekz02 Gustavo-Fuentes-flekz01 Gustavo-Fuentes-flekz03 Gustavo-Fuentes-flekz05 Gustavo-Fuentes-flekz06 Gustavo-Fuentes-flekz07 Gustavo-Fuentes-flekz08 Gustavo-Fuentes-flekz10Refreshingly different from most other graffiti and street art, Fuentes is quickly forming a fan base. He uses a technique of overlaying the tape and playing with the thicknesses and gaps left between the layers to create really interesting patterns and optical illusions. Deceptively simple, his pieces are actually full of strange perspectives, beautiful symmetry, fractured segments, sneaky curves and clean crisp corners. Featuring many variations of triangles and prisms Flëkz’s pieces add drama to the cityscape, but still don’t escape the inevitable fate of all street art – that it is unfortunately temporary. So if you can’t see his work out on the streets, and want to see more of it while it is still visible, go here. (Via Source)

Eye-Catching Geometric Graffiti Murals Made Entirely From Tape appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.