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installation image of ‘situation NY’, 2014 by jana winderen and marc fornes/theverymany some images © miguel de guzmán

As a union of digital and tangible processes, oslo-based artist jana winderen and architect marc fornes of the theverymany, have infilled new york’s storefront for art and architecture with an immersive sound and light object. Titled ‘situation NY’, the work comprises an intricate web of parametrically generated shapes, undulating and stretching from the exhibition space’s floor to ceiling and colored in a near-florescent pink powder coating. Visitors activate the installation by walking and crawling within the bulbous network of passageways, apertures and tunnels made from 2000 unique parts, while abstract geometries punctured in the exterior skin allow for an interplay between the shadowy outer room and luminous interior chamber.

Design Boom-Txt and Some Photographs

Storefront for Art and Architecture