001b-LANDED-IAN_STRANGE-CHC5033-house-work-dark-heart-adelaide-biennial 007b-LANDED-IAN_STRANGE-CHC5198-art-house-artwork-installation-agsa-forecourt 006-LANDED-IAN_STRANGE-CHC4896-biennial-installation-sunken-house-black 013b-LANDED-IAN_STRANGE-CHC5084-agsa-side-of-house-black

Ian Strange’s site-specific artwork injects violent excitement into suburban areas, or drops the suburbs down smack in the middle of the city. With either strategy, his work comments on the drawl and deep isolation of the suburban life through paint and installation. In his most recent project, ‘Landed’ (made for the 2014 Biennial of Australian Art), Strange created a life size installation of approximately half a suburban home, painted entirely black, and made it to look as if it had either been dropped from the sky or was emerging from the ground in the Art Gallery of South Australia’s front courtyard. Details of gravel surrounding the home and a lit porch light add credibility to the realism of the scene.

In his ‘Suburban’ series, Strange uses severe colours like red and the same matte black as he later would for ‘Landed’ to demonstrate the oddity of suburban living, and the isolation he believes is quite present in such neighbourhoods. The dripping skull is jarring, as is the massive red X, but even just the large black circle has a haunting feeling. It is as if the house is there save the one gaping piece, and the viewer is left to wonder what unsettling things might inhabit it. (Via inthralld.)

01-IAN_STRANGE_SUBURBAN_CORRINNE_TERRACE_72dpi-web 02-IAN_STRANGE_SUBURBAN_COLLINGHAM_DRIVE_72dpi-web 03-IAN_STRANGE_SUBURBAN_HARVARD_ST_72dpi-web 04-IAN_STRANGE_SUBURBAN_LAKE_RD_72dpi-web 10-IAN-STRANGE-SUBURBAN-skull_house_home-stillframe-from-film-videoart-multi-channel-loop

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