Cara Phillips got the idea for her Ultraviolet Beauty series from the beauty industry. Medical spas and dermatologists use the same ultraviolet light that she did, with a very different effect. The ultraviolet shows every imperfection of your skin not visible to the naked eye, and dermatologists use it to show you a glimpse into the ‘future’ of your skin. In reality, there is no way to know how many of the blemishes will surface, but it’s an effective scare tactic, and apparently ensures the sale of cosmetic products to ‘prevent’ the catastrophe that is imperfect skin.

Phillips’ focus was to use the same ultraviolet technology, but with a different outcome. She took portraits of people on the street in New York, offering them for free to anyone willing to sit (it’s unclear if they had to pay to have a print, so free might be a liberal term here). She encouraged them to close their eyes to soften their expression. The images are beautiful, and you can’t imagine that someone could look at themselves portrayed in this style and feel alarmed by the look of their skin. Phillips’ photographs are taken in black and white large format, presumably not the technology a medical spa would employ, but the original images taken by the skin professionals are in black and white, so Phillips’ photos are not far from the truth. (Via MTL Blog)

cara-phillips-uv-136 cara-phillips-uv-24 cara-phillips-uv-6 cara-phillips-uv-7 cara-phillips-uv-93 cara-phillips-uv-40 cara-phillips-uv-88 cara-phillips-uv-147 untitled-ultraviolet-153 cara-phillips-uv-5Cara Phillips’ Breathtaking Portraits Using UV Light Reveals Every Blemish And Invisible Beauty appeared first onBeautiful/Decay Artist & Design.