Artist Seth Alverson paints the body in a realistic fashion, but not in a way that looks aesthetically appealing. Severed hands, bizarre contortions, and skin linked together like a sausage casing are just some of the ways he’s depicted the figure. It stands in stark contrast to the Old Masters traditions of life-like renderings, which are all about idealizing and hiding flaws. Instead they’re in-your-face in a way that it’s hard to look away from.

There’s a range of grotesqueness, from detached body parts (bloody ends and all) to oversized hands, and finally to things that aren’t shameful, but our society dictates they are. This includes cellulite on thick legs or sagging breasts. They seem to mock the airbrushed media and when compared with Alverson’s other more ghastly alternatives, definitely aren’t as bad. (Via Hi Fructose)

sethalverson1 sethalverson3 sethalverson4 sethalverson5 sethalverson2 sethalverson9 sethalverson6 sethalverson7 sethalverson8 sethalverson10Seth Alverson’s Grotesque Paintings Of Deformed And Severed Body Parts appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.