Mexican artist Ricardo Solis has re-imagined both the divine and evolutionary theories on the origin of life. In his whimsical paintings, artist depicts various animals — from a goldfish to an elephant — being colored, carved out of stone or even weaved as the friendly mama bear below. Solis’ works connect the realistic style of painting with his tameless imagination.

The viewer is presented with a variety of animals, painted in an almost anatomically accurate manner. Under closer inspection, the works reveal a Guliver-inspired action: tiny humans crawling up and down the monolithic animals, covering them in paint, sculpting or attaching ribbon stripes from a flying Zeppelin. Although Solis’ creative interpretation is far from reality, his lighthearted version of genesis is relaxing and fun to observe.

Solis was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Despite being brought up in a large metropolis, he was always attracted to art and nature. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts and becoming a professional painter, Solis has a chance to link these two passions together and channel them through his dreamlike works of art. In his website Ricardo Solis claims to believe in “the undeniable existence of a Creator” which seems like the epitome of his work. (via Lost At E Minor)

Ricardo-Solis-Painting-1 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-2 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-3 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-6 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-7 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-8 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-9 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-4 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-10 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-11 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-12 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-13 Ricardo-Solis-Painting-14Whimsical Paintings Reveal How Animals Are Created appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.