United Kingdom based photographer Tony Hammond takes beautifully minimal photographs using only his iPhone and bit of editing before posting the images to Instagram. Each image features a simple object or subject framed by a brilliant, soft, pastel color palette. Most of Hammond’s compositions include an artful use of negative space that minimizes the objects or scenes he’s capturing. The enormity of this tinted negative space informs each captured moment by revealing its quaintness. Some of Hammond’s images feature particular shapes and lines – birds circling overhead or jet streams crossing each other’s paths. Hammond’s photography breathes soft ethereal life into simple scenes, creating moments of poetry that we recognize in our everyday experience.

hammond15 hammond2 hammond3 hammond13 hammond14 hammond12 hammond11 hammond10 hammond9 hammond8 hammond7 hammond6 hammond5 hammond4 hammondTony Hammond’s Wonderfully Minimalistic iPhone Photography appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.