Swiss artist Till Rabus combines hyperrealism aesthetics with a touch of surreal scenarios to create his sexually charged, marginal paintings. Rabus’s inconvenient art consists mostly of suggestive anthropomorphic still lives and tangled up limbs, all engaging in provoking sexual situations. His immaculate attention to real-life detail makes it hard to distinguish a painting from a photograph.

Regardless of the intended eroticism, Rabus’s paintings are far from vulgar. His works rarely depict straightforward sexual objects, rather use symbols to create the desired connotation. Viewer is left with phallic confectionery, oysters and other inanimate objects that stimulate the imagination. Even the orgiastic compositions don’t reveal the full story but depend on observer’s ability to give personal meaning.

The clash between hyper-realistic style and symbolic, surreal content is what makes Rabus’s works so eye-catching. An also unexpected symmetry and palette of complementary colors induces a sense of order in an otherwise chaotic Rabus’s world of fantasy. (via Asylum Art)

Till-Rabus-Painting-1 Till-Rabus-Painting-2 Till-Rabus-Painting-3 Till-Rabus-Painting-4 Till-Rabus-Painting-5 Till-Rabus-Painting-6 Till-Rabus-Painting-7 Till-Rabus-Painting-8 Till-Rabus-Painting-9 Till-Rabus-Painting-10 Till-Rabus-Painting-11 Till-Rabus-Painting-12Sexually Charged Paintings By Till Rabus Collide Between Hyperrealism And Symbolism appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.