Galeria Tate Britain  va putea fi vizitata prin intermediul robotilor pe timp de noapte.Cei care au initiat acest proiect sunt si castigatorii premiului IK Prize. Cei tritrei artisti, cunoscuti sub numele “Workers”: Tommaso Lanza, Ross Cairns and David Di Duca. Ei vor primi 10.000 de lire si un buget de 60.000 de lire pentru implementarea ideii.

After Dark
Control robots roaming around the gallery from the comfort of your sofa Tate Britain
Live online 13, 14, 16, 17 August, 22.00–03.00 and 15 August, 19.30–12.30
After Dark will go live online on 13 August, from 22.00
After Dark: roaming robot taking in Sir Jacob Epstein’s The Visitation, 1926
© Alexey Moskvin
Ever wanted to explore a museum alone, at night?
After Dark is a series of live events taking place over five nights at Tate Britain. Via an online portal, the public will be able to control robots and roam the galleries in search of 500 years of British art.
All four robots will be controlled via the portal by members of the public worldwide. For everyone else, tune-in to robot-cam and see what the bots see, and hear what they hear, in the museum after dark!
After Dark, the brainchild of London-based studio The Workers, is the IK Prize 2014 winning project. The IK Prize celebrates digital creativity, supporting innovative ideas and turning them into new ways of enjoying and discovering art.