In her embroidered paintings, Sophia Narrett turns seemingly mundane moments into visually stunning contemplations of life achieving transcendence into the sublime. The Rhode Island based artist’s background in painting is quite apparent itself in her work. She explains how she made the leap from traditional oil painting to embroidery here:

I became attracted to the luminescence of the thread itself. The set palette, the linear quality and the inherent color separation of the thread all seemed like interesting parameters for image making, and since my work has always been driven by narrative images it made sense to try rendering scenes with the thread. After this initial discovery I spent two years working almost exclusively in embroidery.

Sophia Narrett (1) Sophia Narrett (1) Sophia Narrett (1) Sophia Narrett (2) Sophia Narrett (3) Sophia Narrett (4) Sophia Narrett (5) Sophia Narrett (6) Sophia Narrett (7) Sophia Narrett (8)

Her embroidered paintings are bold in color and rich in texture immediately attracting one’s eye. Her paintings may appear cheerful and even whimsical at first but as one gives a hard look to the texture and color, one unravels multiple layers of meaning within the works that display a profound sense of consciousness and contemplation of existence. Narrett manages to produce an almost dreamlike quality in her work that further emphasizes the surreal undertones that are present.

Interestingly, Narrett comments on the exploration of femininity and roles of female sexuality within the context of a medium that has historically been considered “women’s work” (embroidery). The artist also identifies as an entertainer, and says her paintings certainly entertain her and hopes they do the same for others. Well, rest assured, Sophia, we are not only entertained by but captivated with your embroidered paintings to say the least!

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