If you’ve ever visited a thrift store, you’ve no doubt seen the wonderfully-awful paintings that people have given away. Completed paint-by-number sets, idyllic landscapes, and amateurish attempts at impressionism are common sights. ArtistDavid Irvine takes thrift store paintings and enhances them with additions of his own. He brings in characters from popular culture to these compositions, such as Darth Vader, the Marshmallow Man, and Bambi. Irvine maintains the original style of the paintings when creating the mashup, making the figures look as though they’ve been there all along.

Some of the paintings are subversive and a feature villains about to tear through the town or city that they’re in. Other times, the characters are helpful, like the Storm Trooper that’s helping with yardwork. Twisted or not, these works are funny, and the kind of artwork from the thrift store that you’d actually want to display in your home. (Via Demilked)

re-directed-popular-culture-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-2 re-directed-popular-culture-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-3 re-directed-popular-culture-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-1 re-directed-popular-culture-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-14 re-directed-popular-culture-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-18 re-directed-popular-culture-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-12 re-directed-popular-culture-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-11 re-directed-popular-culture-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-9 re-directed-popular-culture-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-7 re-directed-popular-culture-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-6 re-directed-popular-culture-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-5 re-directed-popular-culture-paintings-david-irvine-gnarled-branch-4David Irvine Enhances Crappy Thrift Store Paintings With His Own Funny Additions appeared first onBeautiful/Decay Artist & Design.