A jewelry collection by Icelandic designer Ágústa Sveinsdóttir explores the transience of all earthly pursuits by incorporating one unusual material, dust. Her metallic wearables allow their owners to experience the transformation and disintegration as the jewelry changes and decays over time.

“In this world everything existing is linked to the process of birth, decay and disappearance. That is the way of life, the way of nature. Inspired by the tradition of the symbolic Vanitas paintings, the Dust collection is a reminder of the transience of all earthly pursuits and how it can be a motive for design.”

Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-Jewelry-1 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-Jewelry-2 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-Jewelry-3 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-Jewelry-4 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-Jewelry-6 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-Jewelry-5 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-Jewelry-7 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-Jewelry-8 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-Jewelry-9 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-Jewelry-10 Ágústa-Sveinsdóttir-Design-Jewelry-11

Designer wanted to break the traditions of material use and employ materials that have been considered worthless. She chose dust as the ultimate result of disintegration: “It’s everywhere and ever-present <…> It is everything and yet metaphorically the embodiment of nothingness.” Sveinsdóttir questions the material worth by juxtaposing jewelry, a sign of beauty and wealth, and dust, an inconvenient mundane matter that people always try to get rid off.

The dust was collected from abandoned Icelandic farms. Designer pursued to find dust at its purest form, thus derelict places where time has stopped, man has left and nature has taken over were perfect. Using a biodegradable adhesive, dust particles were transformed into a jewel coating and used to cover the metallic bangles and rings. With time, the dust fades away unveiling the manmade skeleton of the object. (via designboom)

Jewelry Collection Featuring Dust Particles Disintegrates And Decays Over Time appeared first onBeautiful/Decay Artist & Design.