Creative murals by designer and street artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo are turning Tehran, Iran’s streets into an outstanding open-air gallery. Executed on two-dimensional blocks of concrete, Ghadyanloo’s artworks deceive the viewer’s eye by skillfully using methods from op art and 3D painting.

Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-1 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-2 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-3 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-4 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-5 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-6 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-7 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-8 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-9 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-10 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-11 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-12 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-13 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-14 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-15 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-16 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-17 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-18 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-19 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-20 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-21 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-22 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-23 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-24 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-25

Mehdi has established a mural-painting company Blue Sky Painters, which helps him to work with the large-scale street art projects. What is not very frequent in the field, is that Ghadyanloo is fully backed up by the city’s municipality. According to the artist himself, it is one of the government’s goals to promote mural art in Tehran.

“The city is an architectural mishmash with buildings often having only one facade and the other three just left blank and grey. This doesn’t make for a beautiful city but it is a great environment for mural work. I think the municipality really felt the need to bring some cohesion or at least colour to the often confused and smog-smeared architectural face of the city.”

Ghadyanloo graduated from MA in Animation, which brought him closer to storytelling and surrealism. The latter has really influenced his style in urban murals. His scenes often depict unrealistic sights and actions such as cars flying in the air, man bicycling down the wall, people defying gravity and so on. Many of Ghadyanloo’s creations also cleverly interact with their surroundings bringing even more life to the streets of Tehran. (via: My Modern Met)

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