“This spot was once a prosperous place” says Mexican artist Raúl Gasque. “It used to be one of the top commercial shrimp fishing ports in Mexico and now its an abandoned space.” This photography series, Metonymic Tropic, is Gasque’s way of capturing his nostalgia for what was: an affluent port that thrived during a prosperous economy and the rule of prolific leaders.

The decay shown through these images serve as a visual metaphor of an overall state of destruction and crisis. Although apocalyptic and dark, Gasque’s way of juxtaposing decay and bright blue waters or skies gives the composition an alternate uplifting meaning, one he hopes his viewers can somehow find upon careful and willful inspection.

The photos are metaphors of the present time in humanity: ghost towns, crisis, climate change consequences, but in the horizon the blue skies transmit us a way of hope and redemption.

2013-12-18-11.03.31-1-565x753 2014-01-04-09.10.51-1-565x423 2014-01-04-09.22.37-2-565x753 2014-01-04-09.49.20-1-565x423 2014-01-04-10.14.57-1-565x753 2014-01-04-10.20.20-1-565x423 2014-01-04-10.24.39-1-565x423 2014-01-05-09.45.36-1-565x423 2014-01-05-10.40.57-1-565x753 2014-01-05-11.04.25-1-565x423 2014-01-05-11.13.53-1-565x423 2014-01-05-11.41.26-1-565x850 2014-01-06-10.04.24-1-565x423 2014-01-10-07.21.20-1-565x753Even in the darkest of photographs in the collection we are able to pinpoint a source of inspiration and beauty. Destruction always call for re-birth and rehabilitation and it is safe to say that through his photographs, Gasque makes a case of nostalgia but most importantly a myriad of observations that may in fact rebuild his faith in something that might return to the way it was.

Raúl Gasque’s Apocalyptic Portrayal Of An Abandoned Land Is Hopeful And Beautiful appeared first onBeautiful/Decay Artist & Design.