Stephen Wilkes‘ “Day to Night” series captures the day-to-night transitions that occur in familiar cityscapes. Each image represents a collection of moments, not just a singular moment in time. About 50 photographs out of around 1,500 shots taken over the course of 12-15 hours comprise each single resulting photograph. During his shoots, Wilkes doesn’t allow himself bathroom breaks and when he eats, he eats meals brought to him in a bucket because it’s imperative that the photographer pay careful attention to the emptiness or potential overlaps of each shot. Wilkes’ composite photographs document movements within the same space from sunrise to sunset, each image capturing the transitions these spaces undergo on a daily basis.

wilkesphotography13 wilkesphotography7 wilkesphotography10 wilkesphotography14 wilkesphotography16 wilkesphotography15 wilkesphotography12 wilkesphotography11 wilkesphotography9 wilkesphotography8 wilkesphotography6 wilkesphotography5 wilkesphotography4 wilkesphotography3 wilkesphotography2 wilkesphotographyFor Time, Wilkes offers a descriptive caption of many images. Of his Wrigley Field photograph he explains, “This photograph was taken during the course of a Day/Night double header, a rare occurrence these days in major league baseball. Wrigley Field is the Grand Temple of baseball parks. It will change dramatically within the next year, as large jumbotrons will be installed into the stadium, forever changing this view. While the morning was sunny and clear, the afternoon made for a real challenge photographically. We had rain showers on and off throughout the day, and into the evening.”

Stephen Wilkes’ Cleverly Captures The Transition From Day To Night In One Photograph appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.