In his project “Scrublands”, French photographer Antoine Bruy pulls down the curtain on the mysterious back-to-the-land movement and its members. His series documents the lives of several communities who isolated themselves from the civilized world and have been living in the wilderness for more than 20 years now.

In 2010, Bruy embarked on a hitchhiking journey across Europe. With no specific destination in mind he wandered from one place to another hoping to find those secluded communities of people who abandoned their modern lifestyle, freed themselves from social constraints and chose to live in the wilderness. He would spend days and weeks together with them, helping in everyday chores and taking photographs of their daily routines.

Photographer notices that despite different locations and professional backgrounds (from philosophy teachers to engineers), these communities and their members are all linked to each other through handmade buildings and agriculture-based living. Bruy has plans to continue his project next year by exploring the United States. (via featureshoot)

Antoine-Bruy-Photography-5 Antoine-Bruy-Photography-1 Antoine-Bruy-Photography-2 Antoine-Bruy-Photography-4 Antoine-Bruy-Photography-3 Antoine-Bruy-Photography-6 Antoine-Bruy-Photography-7 Antoine-Bruy-Photography-8 Antoine-Bruy-Photography-9 Antoine-Bruy-Photography-10 Antoine-Bruy-Photography-11 Antoine-Bruy-Photography-12 Antoine-Bruy-Photography-13 Antoine-Bruy-Photography-14 Antoine-Bruy-Photography-15 Antoine-Bruy-Photography-16Antoine Bruy Documents Europeans Who Traded Comforts Of Modern World To Living Secluded In The Wilderness appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.