Her toes were broken when she was a kid, then constantly bound to make them smaller until she couldn’t walk straight anymore. At the age of 88, Zhang Yun Ying is among the last witnesses of China’s infamous tradition of foot binding.

It has been recently brought to attention by a British photographer Jo Farrell who is already known for documenting endangered traditions and cultures. Her ongoing project “Living History” captures the lives of some of the last remaining women in China with bound feet. According to Farrell, in the past year alone, three women she’s been documenting have passed away so she feels it is “imperative to focus on recording their lives before it is too late”.

Tiny feet (with the ideal being no bigger than 3 to 4 inches) were once considered to be the symbol of beauty and social status. Young women would crush and bind their feet hoping to marry into money. Concealing the bound foot from men’s eyes also instigated an erotic approach towards it. Even though the inhumane custom was banned in 1912 by Chinese government, it was still practiced behind closed doors.

Apart from showcasing the shocking photos to the public, Farrell wants to make a point that modern women are not so different from the elders she works with:

“In every culture there are forms of body modification that adhere to that cultures’ perception of beauty. From Botox, FGM, breast augmentation, scarring and tattooing, to rib removals, toe tucks and labrets.”

Jo-Farrell-Photography-1 Jo-Farrell-Photography-2 Jo-Farrell-Photography-3 Jo-Farrell-Photography-4 Jo-Farrell-Photography-5 Jo-Farrell-Photography-6 Jo-Farrell-Photography-7 Jo-Farrell-Photography-8 Jo-Farrell-Photography-9 Jo-Farrell-Photography-10 Jo-Farrell-Photography-11 Jo-Farrell-Photography-12 Jo-Farrell-Photography-13 Jo-Farrell-Photography-14,The project was successfully funded on Kickstarter and will hopefully develop into a full documentary. (via The Huffington Post)

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