While on his residency at JACA in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, photographer Marco Ugolini, in collaboration with Pedro Motta, created the series ‘Per Color’. The striking photographs, taken at a local supermarket near JACA, capture the merchandise by category of color: yellow, red, blue, black and white. With success, Ugolini showcases the lack of diversity in colored packages, perhaps revealing that the corporations that distribute the many products shown here are specifically using the same colors palettes because of an underlying psychological reason- the consumer will buy in excess if the color is vibrant and attractive enough. By visually displaying the ubiquitous packing format and color choices, he also aims to reveal that the supermarket serves as a space of manipulation. “My attempt in this action”, Ugolini says, “is to subvert this structure of power.” (via Ignant)

Marco_Ugolini_beautiful_decay_01-565x565 Marco_Ugolini_beautiful_decay_02-565x565 Marco_Ugolini_beautiful_decay_03-565x565 Marco_Ugolini_beautiful_decay_04-565x565 Marco_Ugolini_beautiful_decay_05-565x565 Marco_Ugolini_beautiful_decay_06-565x565Marco Ugolini Showcases The Power Of Package Design On The Consumer’s Decision To Buy Excessivelyappeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.