Guia Besana, born in Italy and based in Paris, has created a photography series titled “Under Pressure” that portrays women in contemporary society with its neuroses and complexes, but with an artistic and stylistic flourish – one evocative of tales from a storybook. Besana stages scenes, creating single, still images that are representative of a fictional story reflecting the pressures women face to be perfect including themes of marriage, burn-out, conflict with body aesthetics, excesses, and other questions involved in a woman’s identity. Besana’s thoughtful series is at once dark and playful and demonstrates the photographer’s artful vision- she has an eye for composition, patterns, and style, and creates a striking fine art aesthetic that pairs beautifully with the theme of contemporary women’s identities. (via dark silence in suburbia)

besanaphotography4 besanaphotography besanaphotography6 besanaphotography7 besanaphotography9 besanaphotography10 besanaphotography11 besanaphotography5 besanaphotography3 besanaphotography8Guia Besana’s Series Reflects Pressures Faced By Contemporary Women appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.