English photographer Jonny Sutton creates subtle but powerfully symbolic photography that alludes to various themes including the quotidian, sexual experiences, and memory.

Athough Sutton is interested in depicting scenes that are familiar to past personal recollections, the haziness and [sometimes] cinematic feel of his compositions make the viewer feel disjointed and distant to what they may otherwise feel very familiar with. Sutton’s recent series, Remains and Pornography, explore the memory of sexual experience through objects and familiar scenes that may trigger flashbacks to ones own past regarding sexual involvements.

Remains focuses on sex and the relationship it has with our surroundings. His photographs record the aftermath of a night of passion. By photographing what is left behind, the artist creates an interesting narrative that again brings the viewers to remember with hazy and distant thoughts.

His other series, Pornography, explores the themes of sexual documentation, pornographic films and violence, and the sexualization of children. In this case, Sutton uses a Barbie Doll and manipulates it in a way that presents the viewer with subtle, but obvious sexual positions. The artist’s prop here works as both the subject of his composition but also as a very important part of his concept and main messege. The dolls’ body, identifiable with the female form and a child’s innocence, is easily taken and manipulated to reenact sexual positions. This might be a reference to rape or a man’s power over a woman/child, however, its meaning is unclear and not explained by the artist himself. Nonetheless, it is certainly a logical conclusion to come to. Moreover, Sutton’s way of blurring the images leaves the spectator to witness a sequence of events that are blocked off and partially remembered [on behalf of whom is theoretically experiencing that manipulation,etc]. On the other hand, from an outsiders’ perspective, we acknowledge that the intrusiveness of the camera, or our gaze, in this case, is what makes the work the ultimate source of manipulation.

Jonny_Sutton_beautiful_decay_02-565x377 Jonny_Sutton_beautiful_decay_01-565x375 Jonny_Sutton_beautiful_decay_03-565x377 Jonny_Sutton_beautiful_decay_04-565x377 Jonny_Sutton_beautiful_decay_05-565x375 Jonny_Sutton_beautiful_decay_06-565x375 Jonny_Sutton_beautiful_decay_07-565x375 Jonny_Sutton_beautiful_decay_08-565x364 Jonny_Sutton_beautiful_decay_09-565x375 Jonny_Sutton_beautiful_decay_11-565x375 Jonny_Sutton_beautiful_decay_10-565x375Jonny Sutton’s Photos Allude To Themes Of Pornography And Memory appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.