Japanese shoe designer Masaya Kushino, known for incredibly creatively extravagant footwear, released his newest collection, “Bird-Witched“, earlier this year. According to Mayasa, the bird-themed collection of stiletto heel shoes was inspired by the art of Jakuchu Ito.

The Bird-Witched collection was inspired by Jakuchu Ito, a legendary painter who flourished during the Edo period in the 18th century. He depicted real life animals such as birds, tigers, and elephants in a really ingenious way, tinged with a bit of insanity. His realist aesthetic encouraged me to put emphasis on the details of the shoes, which resulted in unique collaborations that used historical Nishijin-ori textiles by Hosoo in Kyoto, or exquisite statuesque heels by Japanese sculptor Takashi Nakamura. Three pairs of shoes are covered with feathers, giving them a mysterious, iridescent texture. – Blouin Art Info

bird-witched04-640x414 bird-witched01 bird-witched02 bird-witched03The collection will be on display during the “Killer Heels” exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum from September 10, 2014 through February 15, 2015.

images via Masaya Kushino

via Blouin Art InfoSpoon Tamago