Photographer Florencia Durante’s series uses light to wrap her seated subject in a brilliant spectacle of energy.  It appears as fractured, gestural drawings that dances on the floor, up the bald man’s (named Ruso) legs and sometimes around his head or out the door. The white-yellow spirit is erratic and is chaotic.

In addition to having a drawn quality to them, these photographs are sculptural. Durante builds up form and by layering line upon line, taking into consideration the contour of the knees and the head. She creates a halo and a veil around her subject.

The light seems simultaneously helpful and terrifying. Ruso sometimes sits idly as it moves around and throughout him. Other times, he has his head in his hands waiting for impending doom.

Zia-005-Final_o Zia-004-Final_o Zia-003-Final_o Ruso_Enveloped_RTux_Cropped Ruso_Engulfed_Door.vsn2_ CiaDurante_Ruso_Door_o CiaDurante_Ruso_Chair_o CiaDurante_Ruso-Envelopment-I_o CiaDurante_Envelopment-V_oFlorenica Durante’s Electric Photos Wrap Her Subject In A Spectacle Of Energy appeared first onBeautiful/Decay Artist & Design.