Mysterious disembodied hands sprouted from walls and sidewalks in Barcelona in “Hands”, a 2012 street art project. The hands were posed in provocative gestures — begging for change, holding nooses, menacing passersby with mimed pistols — as a commentary on the upheaval caused by the Eurozone economic crisis. The project was created by four artists: Octavi SerraMateu TargaPau García, and Daniel Lugany.

13202016575_71e3092b03_o-640x426 hand2 13202336294_8cc4b1ec3e_o-640x426 hand1 13202158773_afe92455d9_o-640x426 13202158943_367ac53691_o 13202160083_275df042bc_o 13202160223_a803f0a070_ophotos via Octavi Serra

via Hi-Fructose