Colombian photographer Daniel González captures the simple, joyful and freeing experience of being one with each other and with our natural surroundings. Through juxtaposing scenic, untouched landscapes and nude bodies, the artist tries to create parallels between the natural state of our bodies and the natural behavior of wild and beautiful forests and gardens. It is evident that the given the setting, a nude body transcends any bad connotation and relates, rather, to a truer conception of reality and of the human body.

The message becomes a bit more clear once we’ve caught up on the patterns throughout the series. For instance, we notice that the women featured are not only naked, to manny a symbol of freedom in itself, but they also showcase their bodies in freeing, vulnerable, relaxed poses- all indicative of becoming who they truly are, in the most natural way possible.

daniel_gonzalez_beautiful_decay_05-565x375 daniel_gonzalez_beautiful_decay_01-565x374 daniel_gonzalez_beautiful_decay_09-565x372 daniel_gonzalez_beautiful_decay_06-565x375 daniel_gonzalez_beautiful_decay_12-565x374 daniel_gonzalez_beautiful_decay_13-565x372 daniel_gonzalez_beautiful_decay_11-565x372 daniel_gonzalez_beautiful_decay_03-565x360 daniel_gonzalez_beautiful_decay_10-565x372 daniel_gonzalez_beautiful_decay_02-565x374 daniel_gonzalez_beautiful_decay_08-565x374Daniel Gonzalez Makes Parallels Between The Naked Body And Wild Nature appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.