Peter Brown, a weekend woodworker from California, created a small and simple but playful creation that has found him more popularity than he can manage. After gluing together a carton of wooden pencils and shaping them into a colorful ring, Brown found himself flooded with requests to make more.

Brown started by gluing all of the pencils together into a brick two pencils thick. He then drilled a hole through the size of his finger and cut out a rough outer form with a band saw before putting the ring on a lathe to finish it. The result is a colorful cross-section of the pencils, their leads, and of the wood they’re enclosed in. He may have taken a page out of the book of Maria Cristina Belucci, who also creates beautiful jewelry out of colored pencils.

After information about his work, Brown is struggling to catch up to the sudden rise in demand for his rings. A notice on his Etsy shop reads, “I just bought some supplies to make my rings in bulk and better quality. I expect a couple of weeks before all the supplies arrive and I verify the process. The last thing I want to do is sell you something cheap or flimsy.

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This Guy Turned A Pack Of Colored Pencils Into A Beautiful Ring originally appeared on Bored Panda.