The lens of the Indonesian photographer Donald Jusa has miraculously allowed us to see into the eyes of tiny, wholly bizarre creatures; with his macro camera, the artist is able to capture the most minute details of the insect body. At times, the faces of these beings seem entirely foreign; as viewers, we search for marks of human feeling and features, but the multiple eyes and strange limbs transfix and confound our perceptive powers.

insects-macro-photography-donald-jusa-31 insects-macro-photography-donald-jusa-9 insects-macro-photography-donald-jusa-4 insects-macro-photography-donald-jusa-13 insects-macro-photography-donald-jusa-19 insects-macro-photography-donald-jusa-30 insects-macro-photography-donald-jusa-24 insects-macro-photography-donald-jusa-25 insects-macro-photography-donald-jusa-32 insects-macro-photography-donald-jusa-34 insects-macro-photography-donald-jusa-35 insects-macro-photography-donald-jusa-28 insects-macro-photography-donald-jusa-1 insects-macro-photography-donald-jusa-17Unlike some macro photography cataloging the lives of insects, Jusa does not capture the  surrounding environment or even the entire body. Instead, his photographs read like strange portraits; against a colored backdrop, the miniature creatures seem absurdly to sit for the artist, proudly displaying their features. Fixed perfectly within the boundaries of the frame, Jusa’s non-human subjects are magically motionless, as if frozen between periods of buzzing and flight. At such close range, the viewer experiences the texture of insect flesh and bone; our eyes scan coarse, moistened hairs.

Jusa’s insects, magnified many times over and seen in such fine detail, tone, and resolution, resemble strange beasts, unrecognizable as the tiny creatures that they most certainly are. As we peer at them and their multiple eyes stare back, we might feel affrighted or startled by their clarity, the very fact of their largeness. It is unnerving to imagine our own faces reflected a thousand times over in these complex, repeating ocular lenses, and yet magically, we can interpret the tiniest hint of recognition within the insect eyes. Take a look. (via Demilked)

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