Polish photographer Maciek Jasik creates blurry, colorful compositions that feature both female and male nudes. Jasik’s subjects exist in a surreal, hazy and colorful landscape, one that nullifies their identity but exposes their natural state of being. The artist is particularly interested in conveying privacy, expression through a medium [photography] that, for the most part, focuses on revealing detailed and realistic portrayals.

Jasik_beautiful_decay_01-565x718 Jasik_beautiful_decay_02-565x718 Jasik_beautiful_decay_04-565x719 Jasik_beautiful_decay_06-565x719 Jasik_beautiful_decay_07-565x719 Jasik_beautiful_decay_08-565x719 Jasik_beautiful_decay_12-565x719 Jasik_beautiful_decay_11-565x719 Jasik_beautiful_decay_10-565x719Inspired by the emotionally charged impressionist painting of the 19th century, Jasik insists in creating work with photographic techniques that more or less do the same as a loose brushstroke on canvas.

“I began experimenting with an in-camera technique to dissolve the focus and saturate the space with color. There were several post-Impressionist paintings there that stunned me with how emotionally powerful they were, with scarcely any detail, I wanted to evoke that same feeling in photography by emphasizing color and movement.”

(via HuffPost)

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