Mixed media artist Travis Bedel, also known as bedelgeuse, seamlessly blends vintage anatomical illustrations with botanical or other biological images to create stunning collages that range anywhere from 5 inches to 6 feet in size. Bedel often uses glue and a razorblade to excise printed vintage illustrations, combining them into beautiful and surreal new iterations. He’ll also scan his images and manipulate them digitally because this technique provides him with more opportunity to play around with sizing, cutting, and pasting the various elements in his collages.

Of his interest in human anatomy, Bedel says, “I find the body beautiful and mysterious. I am amazed and what people can do with their bodies and how if you take care of your own body, the rewards are much greater than imagined. I believe a lot of self-healing takes place mentally and physically when you eat clean and stay active.”

bedelgeusecollage8 bedelgeusecollage2 bedelgeusecollage5 bedelgeusecollage11 bedelgeusecollage15 bedelgeusecollage12 bedelgeusecollage10 bedelgeusecollage9 bedelgeusecollage bedelgeusecollage13 bedelgeusecollage7 bedelgeusecollage6 bedelgeusecollage4 bedelgeusecollage3Prints are available for purchase via Society 6 or Etsy. You can also follow him on Instagram. (via the micro giant)

Travis Bedel’s Collages Seamlessly Blend Human Anatomy With Botanical Imagery appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.