Artist Adam Lister creates wonderful watercolor paintings of pop culture icons and famous artworks using a blocky style that is reminiscent of 8-bit graphics. Prints are available online and Lister also takes commissions. We previously posted “8 Bits, 3 Dimensions,” Lister’s collaborative project with artist Isaac Budmen.

Adam_Lister_R2-D2 Adam_Lister_the_starry_night Adam_Lister_Mister_Rogers cube-1 cube-7 cube-4 cube-5 cube-68eb4b91e612fe0e59c4aa02a337247fd e9ea05a4837c2ec3157cf2d7113894eb 3ca9467118e466d5486b2a45534e4e6d d39d84fd2427796c25d98dd6fbe02ed0images by Adam Lister

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