magnified-drop-of-seawater-photo-david-liittschwager-large(click on image to enlarge)

As if you needed another reason not to drink sea water! David Liittschwager, an accomplished award-winning photographer who has created numerous marine wildlife photos for National Geographic, has created an image showing the microfauna that exists inside a single drop of seawater! By magnifying the water 25 times, he showed that the salty taste of seawater isn’t just salt – there are bacteria, worms, fish eggs, crab larva, diatoms, and a whole host of other creepy crawlies all fighting for a place on your tongue. has a more accurate breakdown of the critters in this awesome shot. (via)

This Is How A Single Drop Of Seawater Looks Magnified 25 Times originally appeared on Bored Panda