Oakland based artist, Brendan Monroe, creates bizarre compositions that feature imaginary ‘moving’ landscapes and faceless, alien looking creatures that resemble the human body. Monroe takes inspiration from the study of science and his interest in existentialism and self-discovery.

His characters, often portrayed in purple and reddish hues, find themselves in these  multilayered, remote landscapes that present themselves as chaotic, or always in motion. The stringy, cool colored worlds precisely double their existence as a wonderful yet confusing space. Monroe is also interested in presenting his funky characters the same way he does his landscapes, as intricate forms that are always in motion.

We can take Monroe’s aesthetic and conceptual approach as one that tries to visually explore what it means to be human in a world that is contingent upon the variety and complexity of our actions, state of mind, or simply the passage of time and the progress it brings with it.

Each is a way of looking at and figuring out life. It’s that human question of what and who we are, how we are here. I also like the emotion and feeling of discovery and also the solving of a puzzle that was not known before. I lean in the direction of sciences I think mostly because I was raised that way, and I like to do my own investigations and draw conclusions.

breandan_monroe_beautiful_decay_01-565x708 breandan_monroe_beautiful_decay_02-565x565 breandan_monroe_beautiful_decay_04-565x843 breandan_monroe_beautiful_decay_05-565x678 breandan_monroe_beautiful_decay_06-565x420 breandan_monroe_beautiful_decay_07-565x725 breandan_monroe_beautiful_decay_08-565x434 breandan_monroe_beautiful_decay_09-565x725Brendan Monroe’s colorful paintings explore the process of becoming who we are appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.