Massachusetts-based visual artist Aliza Razell combines photography and watercolor painting in her series of self-portraits that feature splashes and spills of color. Razell uses watercolors to enhance the vitality of her photographs by evoking mythological and psychological themes.  One series, “Anesidora,” represents the Pandora’s jar narrative (the myth features a jar, not a box, as commonly believed) and another series, ikävä, is the Finnish word for missing or longing after something. Razell’s photography-watercolor combination perfectly captures the humanity and surreality of mythological events and the poetic evocations of a fleeting feeling. (via fubiz)

razellphotography razellphotography10 razellphotography4 razellphotography5 razellphotography6 razellphotography3 razellphotography2 razellphotography13 razellphotography12 razellphotography11 razellphotography9 razellphotography8 razellphotography7Aliza Razell’s Mythological and Emotional Watercolored Photography appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.