You may remember when we first featured French artist Miguel Chevalier’s work back in September for his Paris construction tunnel light installation and musical collaboration with Michel Redolfi. Revisiting traditions of Islamic art, namely mosaics and carpets, Chevalierand Redolfi have joined forces again to create a similarly interactive digital/sound project earlier this month at the Sacré Coeur church in Casablanca, Morocco. From April 3-6, “Magic Carpets” transformed the church’s floor into an interactive user interface featuring graphics evolving along with the movements of visitors. The digital light display features generative graphics that multiply, divide, grow, and transform, reminiscent of cellular and organic systems. Visitors’ shadows become a part of the light and graphics display, allowing users to become a part of the installation. The effect of combining organic and digital technologies renders the installation almost psychedelic, enhanced by the accompanying ambient music by Redolfi. To view the installation in action, be sure to check out Claude Mossessian’s video. (via design boom and inhale mag)

chevalierinstallation4 chevalierinstallation9 chevalierinstallation5 chevalierinstallation8 chevalierinstallation3 chevalierinstallation2 chevalierinstallation chevalierinstallation14 chevalierinstallation13 chevalierinstallation12 chevalierinstallation11 chevalierinstallation7 chevalierinstallation61The post Miguel Chevalier’s Interactive Magic Carpets appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.