20 November 2013 — 16 March 2014
Artists: Henry Taylor, Makiko Kudo, Nathan Mabry, Eddie Martinez, Dana Schutz, Helen Verhoeven, Justin Matherly, Denis Tarasov, Marianne Vitale, Chantal Joffe, Francis Upritchard, Micheal Cline, Nicole Eisenman, Kasper Kovitz, Tanyth Berkeley, Alexander Tinei, Amy Bessone, Jansson Stegner, Andra Ursuta.

You can’t ask for much of a better theme than the human body for an art exhibition, artists bloody love the human body! In turn, art lovers love the Saatchi Gallery, making this almost the perfect exhibition. 19 artists have been plucked from their studios to enter work in this show which is based around one theme and one theme only: Body Language. “From the grotesque and uncanny to the poignant and satirical, the works in this exhibition examine, in arresting and innovative ways, the diverse social and political issues that can be communicated through the human body.”