Object Élevé is a clever, semi-suspended staircase that also serves as storage and work space. It uses a “samba stair” arrangement—alternating left and right steps—to take up less floorspace. Object Élevé was designed by Dutch design firm Studio Mieke Meijer and was commissioned by Just Haasnoot.

Mieke_Meijer1 Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_8 Mieke_Meijer7 Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_3 Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_2 Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_12 Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_7 Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_11 Object-élevé-by-Mieke-Meijer_dezeen_10 Mieke_Meijer2photos via Studio Mieke Meijer

via DezeenMy Modern Metropolis