Sam Grant, an American painter and photographer, creates incredibly catchy, humorous, and colorful pieces that are pop and vintage inspired.  The vibrantly-colored imagery vibes with intensity,  grandeur and witty observations; his collage-like compositions create a visual interplay between surreal elements, pulp imagery of the mid-20th century, and contemporary culture.

Though Grant’s paintwork is incredibly realistic, he still renders his subjects and settings with a whimsical appeal. Often paired with words (comic book style), his paintings reference several characteristics of contemporary culture; from texting to ideas of love and beauty, Grant covers it all in a subtle and comical way that, together with the vintage imagery, will make you wanna go back to the simpler times.

If you live in Oakland, California, you will have the chance to experience these pieces in person. Starting in March 7th,2014, Grant’s work will be on view at Loakal Gallery‘s Double Vision, a show inspired and completely devoted to/by Grant’s work. Double Vision will be up until April 1st, 2014.

32.5x24 32x32-565x572 34.5x34.5-565x567 Screen-Shot-2014-02-23-at-7.21.18-PM-565x354 35.5x27 17.5x28-565x354 23x38-565x341 27.5x33.5-565x460 new-565x716 Screen-Shot-2014-02-23-at-7.21.48-PM-565x388You Will Fall In Love With Sam Grant’s Catchy Vintage Inspired Paintings appeared first on Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design.